FOX Sports Girl Of The Week: Mallory


Haven’t heard about Diamondbacks 25-year-old first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who is tearing up N.L. pitching while leading the team to a two-game lead in the West division? Fox Sports Girl of the Week Mallory is desperately trying to change that.

“The thing I like best about him is his team-first attitude. It’s not about him. It’s about the team,” she said. “Goldy leaves everything he has out on the field.”

Mallory, an Arizona State graduate, knows what she’s talking about. She’s been a Diamondbacks fan since way back to the 2001 World Series days when the team had a guy named Luis Gonzalez, who hit 57 home runs, still a team record.

Goldy has 15, meaning Gonzalez’s team record should be safe, but that won’t stop Mallory and her fellow Diamondbacks’ fans from having fun this summer.

“We’ll never get tired of saying “Goldy, Goldy, Gone.”

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Easy, Charles Barkley. I’ll never forget being a kid and going to the Suns games and Sir Charles just dominating on the court. I also named every cat I owned Chuck after him.

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush, and why?

James Harden. I loved watching him play in a Sun Devils uniform. It’s awesome to have had the chance to watch him at ASU and I’m glad to see that he’s having such a successful career in the NBA with the Rockets. Oh and fear the beard! :)

What is your fondest sports memory?

Growing up and playing sports, it’s being a part of a winning team. I think sports teach young kids so much about dedication and hard work. I was proud to get ribbons in swimming and proud to be on softball and volleyball championship teams. Watching sports, my favorite memory by far is Game 7 of the 2001 World Series with my dad. The moment my D-backs won – it was pure joy and something we will never forget.

What sport would you play professionally if you could, and why?

Beach Volleyball. I really enjoyed my time as a setter on my volleyball teams and it would be incredible to still be doing it – and getting to play in the Olympics would be the ultimate dream!

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

Picking one is certainly a challenge. Two specific memories come to mind: 1) The 2011 MLB All-Star game in Arizona. Danielle and I had just started working as the FOX Sports Arizona Girls and it was a thrill to be involved with all the festivities and interact with so many fans at Fan Fest. I’ve always been a huge Diamondbacks fan so this was definitely one of those “pinch me” moments. And 2) Having the opportunity to be involved with the Pancreatic Cancer campaign and numerous local charitable events such as Pat’s Run and Race For the Cure.

I read that you are a Mumford & Sons fan. Settle a debate: does the lead singer really look like Tim Tebow?

Yes, I can certainly see why people say that, but I don’t think Tim Tebow can play the guitar like Marcus does… I just think Marcus Mumford looks like Marcus Mumford and Tim Tebow looks like Tim Tebow.

Mallory pet peeve: comparing one person’s looks to another.

Let’s talk Diamondbacks. Everyone knows Chase Field has a pool. What crazy element would you incorporate into a ballpark if you were the architect?

The pool at Chase Field was such a genius idea! Nothing says Arizona quite like that! This is way out there, but since you asked… If I was the architect I’d invent some sort of cool zip-lining element. Could you imagine zip-lining over the field during batting practice and next thing you know Paul Goldschmidt hits a fly ball and you catch it midzip-line! Sign me up!

Paul Goldschmidt: What’s up with this guy? Hardly anyone outside the NL West knows he’s an offensive machine.

If you don’t, it’s time to start paying attention – and time to start voting for him on your MLB All-Star Game ballot (#iBackGoldy by the way)! This guy is just a phenomenal player to watch. Yes, I enjoy watching him be the offensive powerhouse that he is, but his defense is very underrated as well. The thing I like best about him is his team-first attitude. It’s not about him. It’s about the team. Goldy leaves everything he has out on the field — it’s inspiring and so, so fun to watch! We’ll never get tired of saying “Goldy, Goldy, Gone.”

Worse fans that visit Chase: Dodgers fan or Giants fan?

Ugh, really. I’m gonna go with Giants fans. Both are the D-backs biggest rivals, but Asha (one of the FOX Sports West Girls) is a Dodgers fan and she’s cool so that’s basically the only reason I pick the Giants.

I’ve been on a diet, but I’m going to be visiting Chase Field & want to blow off the diet for a night. Walk me through what Chase offers that’ll be an epic chow-fest.

Where do I even begin! My staple at the ballpark is a pretzel with cheese…it’s a problem really. But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you can never go wrong with the mac and cheese hot dog. Yes, it’s a real thing and yes, it’s delicious! Want some Southwestern flavor — try the Chicken Nachos. Before and after games – hit Game 7 Grill on the Chase Field plaza. I also think the TGIFriday’s is awesome because of where you can sit to watch the game while eating!

Who is the best Twitter follow on the Diamondbacks besides Brandon McCarthy & his wife?

Patrick Corbin – he might win the Cy Young and Rookie of the Year, so I suggest following him! And Didi Gregorius — did you know he’s also an artist and speaks four different languages!?