Is Darren Sharper Serious With This Pervert Tweet?

Darren Sharper Girls
Former Saints’ safety/ESPN analyst Darren Sharper golfed in the Harper’s Hope Celebrity Golf Tournament in Prattville, Ala. over the weekend. He stopped by the gym on Tuesday to keep his Pro Bowl bod in shape for the ladies. He saw a few cougars, which apparently aren’t to his taste.

Wel I’m at gym now having a couple run ins with a couple cougars. Lol..what’s it’s called when a old guy talks to young girls. ??

— Darren Sharper (@sharper42) June 11, 2013

You can try to stay around half your age plus seven, Sharp, but even that’s pushing it. Anything more is Creep City.


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Sharper also took time to square up his hotel bill on the way out of town. For a guy who made millions as an NFL star, he seems awfully unfamiliar with the mark-up on hotel room service food. Gotta be able to fork over $76.23 for eggs and a fruit plate if you still want to be a baller, bruh.

R you kidding me.Eggs and fruit plate.SMH.! I need to start a room service company.Never seen so many extra charges…

— Darren Sharper (@sharper42) June 11, 2013