Jen Bielema, Wife Of Bret Bielema, Rocking A Bikini In Vegas [PHOTOS]


In case there was any doubt that former Wisconsin/current Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema has the world by the short hairs, please witness the bikini pictures his cougar-y wife Jen posted to Instagram over the weekend.

Yeah. Remember Bielema is not exactly Ryan Gosling. He married the former Jen Hielsberg in March of 2012 after meeting her at a blackjack table in Vegas. What a love story, eh? We’re sure the two are kindred spirits, lost souls who happened to find each other. Match made in heaven right there.

Judging by her Twitter feed, Jen doesn’t seem to be fretting the move to Fayetteville in the least. How much time do you think she’ll log on flights back to Sin City this winter?

[H/T: OutKickTheCoverage]

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