Ines Sainz Is Covering The NBA Finals [PHOTOS]

You know how you can tell the NBA Finals is a serious international event? Ines Sainz is in attendance.

Sainz, the Azteca reporter who gives every male media member a chubby each year during Super Bowl media day, was in Miami over the weekend getting leered at by the press corps at the NBA Finals.

As Ethan Skolnick of The Palm Beach Post documented, not even LeBron James could hold everyone’s attention when Sainz’s ass was nearby. How many people even see LeBron in this photo?

If Sainz filed a report for Azteca or CoolosTV on the NBA Finals, we sure as hell can’t find it. We posted her latest video below. Maybe she’s just hanging out and hoping to become some South of the Border road beef for one of these guys. We hear Tim Duncan might be single soon.




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