Twins Prospect Byron Buxton Made An Incredible Catch, Has Inspired Poetry [VIDEO]


You may remember the Minnesota Twins selecting high school outfielder Byron Buxton with the second-overall pick in the 2012 MLB draft. The catch he made for Single-A Cedar Rapids (Ia.) in the video above during Monday afternoon’s game against Kane County (Ill.) will most likely land him on ESPN’s Top Plays. It probably won’t be his last appearance.

Buxton has been a stud for Cedar Rapids this season, slashing .350/.444/.578 with 26 SB in 58 games. He already has the seamheads all but wetting their pants.

Seriously — there’s a poem — and this was before the catch:

The top youth; yes better than that top youth; better than your top youth; you’re; spectacularing; a brilliant display of effervescent youthing

Previous; it was everything; you are the hero we hope for; we never played the hero; we accepted it; cooling; I’m the witness. Let me witness it; imperious; enter furious; impetuous.

This might explain why Buxton has his tweets protected. Hopefully he opens up when he gets to the bigs. No way there are enough decent Twins players to keep him in the minors for too long.

[H/T: Jason Parks — Baseball Prospectus and The Gazette]

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