Of Course Johnny Manziel & GF Sarah Savage Are In A New Country Music Video


After all the goofy shit that Johnny Manziel has done this off-season (the beach, the Bronx, the blindfold) what else could the attention-loving Heisman Trophy winner do to stay in the spotlight? How about starring in a country music video with girlfriend Sarah Savage. Yes. That happened.

Manziel and Savage made their (presumably unpaid) music video debut in
Granger Smith’s “Silverado Bench Seat” on Friday. If you don’t know who Granger Smith is, well, neither do we, but we know he’s not the guy that chases Yogi and Boo-Boo around Jellystone Park. Dr. Saturday says Smith’s a big A&M fan, so, yeah, we get it.

In a radical departure from his Johnny Football character, Manziel tosses a football and rides in a pick-up truck with Savage. Spoiler alert: it’s a Silverado. Much like Tim Tebow before him, Manziel is slowly becoming better known as a personality than a football player.

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