Louisville Fans Wait In Line To Get Rick Pitino Maker’s Mark Bottles; $150-$800 On Craigslist



It looks like we have a new fanbase to make fun of instead of Alabama fans that’ll wait outside a sporting goods store for a BCS shirt. Enter Louisville fan who is jonesing for that Rick Pitino Maker’s Mark bottle that debuted today at Kentucky liquor stores. 12,600 bottles went on sale this morning and were expected to go quickly.

That’s right, people actually stood outside the Liquor Barn to get a Pitino limited edition Maker’s Mark bottle that’ll be sold in garage sales 20 years from now.

It’s just a liquor bottle filled with Kentucky bourbon. The good news is that Maker’s has promised $500,000 from the sales of these bottles.

The bad news if you didn’t wait in line? Bottles are going for $150-$800 on Craigslist.


And people brought chairs to get comfortable like this was the release of new Jordans.


This wasn’t just a phenomenon at one Kentucky liquor store. Nope, there were others.

Picture 9

The price is going up.

Picture 10


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