Jets Already Giving Up On 2013, Skip Practice For Paintball [PHOTOS, VINES]


Jets Paint ball
The New York Jets are likely to be a terrible football team this season. Faced with quarterback options like Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, head coach Rex Ryan is more likely to wind up on a Shake Shack binge, than preparing to host the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium. FWIW — 4-12 won’t get you Jadeveon Clowney next May, guys.

Perhaps because the team knows it’s headed for a trainwreck, the Jets bailed on the last day of OTAs for paintball at “an undisclosed location.” (Please. Any bets that these guys were at Rex’s house while he was helping the Mrs. try on shoes?)

Fortunately, rookie receiver Jordan White and other players captured the team-building moment. Check out Nick Mangold going full-on “Duck Dynasty” in the pic below. Vines follow.

[H/T, @JordanWhite and @e_man]

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