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Ex-Bengals Cheerleader Sarah Jones Engaged To Her Student [Engagement Photos]

Of course you remember the story of the Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and teacher Sarah Jones who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with her student. She avoided jail time by pleading guilty to felony custodial interference and misdemeanor sexual conduct. She lost her rights to teach and can’t coach cheerleading.

But Sarah Jones, 28, got her revenge. She’s engaged to Cody York, the 17-year-old student she had sex with.

According to Facebook accounts belonging to Jones and York (via The Victory Formation), the engagement went down on Thursday and, from the photos, it looks like it happened at a lovely Florida location.

It seems that York, 19, went with a beach proposal, writing “Marry me?” in the sand. It just happened that he had someone snapping a photo at the perfect moment. Then they posed in Miami Heat gear for their engagement photos. Romance!

We can only wish these kids years of wedded bliss.

[via USA Today]

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