San Antonio’s WOAI MUST Fire An Intern For This LeBron Flub & More Screencaps!


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This one comes to us from friends of BC in San Antonio who couldn’t believe their eyes last night during the WOAI News 4 sports report. Fireable offense? I’d say so.

It was interesting watching LeBron handle his pre-NBA Finals press conference. Reporters, looking for a story angle, kept going back to the 2007 Finals when LeBron’s Cavs were swept by the Spurs.

Via USA Today:

Moments after that (2007) series ended, James proclaimed, “I have to be 10 times better.”

Fast forward to Monday, when the Heat beat the Indiana Pacers to win the Eastern Conference finals. James was asked to compare himself to that 2007 version: “I’m 20, 40, 50 times better than I was in the ’07 Finals,” he said.

Tim Duncan and Michael Jordan never lost in the Finals. If LeBron loses this series, it would be his third Finals loss. “Greatest ever” material?

So great he gets the same SportsCenter update sandwiched between even more LeBron talk.



Even had the chick spelling of Sidney. Nice work.

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Moving along…

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BC reader @LongLiveDixie sent us this one. Come on interns, get your N.L. Central teams straight.




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Post covers grade: B-

Decent, nothing special.

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