Roger Clemens Swag Report: Spotted At Dick’s Sporting Goods In UT Cargo Shorts



By now you know that we love tracking all things Roger Clemens’ swag because this guy is 50 and can still rock the modern swag like a 30 year old. Take this week at an unidentified Dick’s Sporting Goods in Texas where Rocket was spotted in the shoes department.

@Zoeeey_101 reported on Tuesday:

OMG I JUST MET ROGER CLEMENS!! Is this real life!?

Yep, it’s real life.

So let’s dig into the Rocket swag:

• Visor

• Frosted tips

• Necklace

• Nipple shirt

• Stubble

• iPhone in bro location

• Texas logo cargo shorts

Analysis: The UT cargo shorts are new. All of the other items are constant Rocket swag. The iPhone in the brolocation still stumps us. Can’t the phone be stashed away in the cargoes? There are like 6-7 pockets in those shorts.


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