Go Inside Chad Johnson’s Fridge


Today, Terrell Owens tweeted this photo of Chad Johnson’s fridge. That would be the same Ochocinco who has like an 18-pack of ribs stuffed into his 6-1, 190 frame. That would be the same Ocho who used to run a 4.4 40. That’s the fridge of a guy whose wife left him in a domestic dispute.

1. Land o Lakes butter

2. Classico sauce

3. Lemonade?

4. Eggs

5. Mott’s apple juice?

6. Welch’s strawberry peach sugar juice

7. Pancake batter

8. Eggs

9. Butter

10. Hunt’s tomato sauce

21. Kraft cheese

22. Chocolate chip cookie batter

23. More cheese

Shall I go on? Needless to say, T.O. is freaking out over staying at Ocho’s house because the health freak doesn’t have many food options.

Picture 3

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