Bengals Take BP At Great American Ball Park, Can’t Hit For Sh*t [VIDEO]


Good news Bengals fans: your team won’t win the N.L. Central. Ten Cincinnati Bengals took batting practice at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati on Tuesday in some sort of “team building” exercise. WTF? Were the strip bars closed?

Reds’ second baseman Brandon Phillips was on-hand to observe some of the ugliest swings you’ll ever see. Geno Atkins, Andy Dalton, A.J. Green and head coach Marvin Lewis were among the players who took their hacks in the cage.

As bad as they were, they looked fluid next to Adam Jones, who lost the bat on his first swing, and then hacked away like a tee-baller the rest of the day. Pathetic. More video here.

Adam Jones Swing 1

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