BC Emailer: ‘Check Out Olympian Sasha Cohen’s Ass’

Just when we weren’t keeping our normal eye out for Sasha (recently changed her name to Alexandra Pauline) Cohen photos, the former Olympian (silver – 2006) ice skater goes to some Memorial Day party and Instys an insane ass shot, according to BC reader LRKB.

He sent us this email:

The host of the party, Victor Weir-Voronov ( https://twitter.com/Vweirvoronov ) , Tweeted that pic on his Twitter

A few hours later Sasha put that pic on her instagram – but unfortunately instagram re-sized it and made it smaller, about half the size as the original pic Tweeted by Victor (in above links). But just for verification, here’s Sasha’s smaller instagram version:


Didn’t know she had such a great ass! Well this is the first time we’ve really seen it! I hope we see more of it 🙂

What I first noticed about LRKB’s email was how detailed and the use of correct grammar. This is an educated individual who appreciates Sasha Cohen’s great ass. This just proves that BC is appreciated by a wide variety of people in society.

How many former readers are probably in jail right now? Dozens.

How many readers scare me on a daily basis? Too many to count.

LRKB seems to be all there. The guy just knows a great athlete ass on Instagram when he sees one. You can’t knock a guy for that.

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