8 Types Of Miami Heat Fans You’ll See During The NBA Finals

You guys already know Miami Heat fans are some of the worst in the NBA.  If routinely showing up late to playoff games wasn’t bad enough, leaving early during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pacers to get to a Pitbull concert on time is just as pathetic.

Now, we understand the night scene in Miami is vibrant.We understand that pounding Red Bull & vodkas to the pulsating sounds of Caribbean reggae is enticing.

It is probably more gratifying to check out the beautiful women on South Beach than it is to sit for a full 48 minutes at a basketball game, but if your team is en route to the NBA Finals, you never leave early.

Of course, there are some diehard Heat fans, but let’s be honest: those are rare.

Let’s take a look at the 8 types of Miami Heat fans.

Angels Force Fan To Take Paper Bag Off His Head
Angels Force Fan To Take Paper Bag Off His Head
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