15 Classless Penguins Fans’ Awful ‘Bomb Boston’ Tweets After 2-OT Loss

The Pittsburgh Penguins are just one loss away from elimination after dropping Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals, 2-1, in double-overtime to the Bruins on Wednesday night.

As their top-seeded team stacked with all-stars has crapped themselves during the first three games, Penguins fans have gotten increasingly closer to the edge on Twitter. Patrice Bergeron’s game-winner pushed them over. Out came the ‘bomb Boston” jokes.

I hope another bomb goes off in Boston. Not really… but fuck Boston.

— rocco (@crac_roc) June 6, 2013

Classy. Most of the Penguins’ tweeters have deleted their tweets, but Twitter user @DevRickus quoted a bunch, sending a few to the FBI in Boston. Read some of the foulest weak sauce you’ll ever see in the gallery below: