You’re Doing It Wrong, Phillies Fan [VINE]


Phillies Fan Sunscreen
The Phillies just wrapped up a 6-1 pasting of the terrible Marlins at Citizens Bank Park on Wednesday afternoon. Domonic Brown jacked his 18th homer, and all of the half-drunk Phillies fans celebrated the team getting to .500 for the first time since April 14. This team is going to stay just competitive enough to not be a “seller” at the trade deadline.

One Phils fan was prepared for the sunny day at the park. She wore a hat, sunglasses (the kind you wear in case of a nuclear blast) and sunblock, which she applied like some sort of hybrid between a clown and meth addict. Good look, honey. Somebody get this lady to the Dolphin Tavern for post-game dancing.

[H/T: @JimmyTraina]

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