You Gotta Respect A Notre Dame Recruit For Flushing Alabama Letters Down Toilet

Notre Dame Recruit Flushes Alabama Letters Down Toilet

Meet new enemy #1 in Alabama, Elijah Hood (@EHood34). He’s a highly recruited running back out of Charlotte who was being wooed by Notre Dame, Alabama and a bunch of other schools. Wood committed to Notre Dame and decided he would make a Vine of himself flushing Alabama recruiting letters down a toilet.

Hood also made a comment about Bama’s academics before apologizing for his actions and the deletion of the Vine video.

The bad news is that his toilet flushing Vine was ripped and uploaded to YouTube.


Of course this was just an innocent youthful mistake from Hood, a high school junior, that will enrage grown men who like to say “Roll Tide” and frequent message boards.

We actually feel sorry for what is coming Hood’s way.

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