VIDEO: Orioles Bros Being Arrested For Assaulting Yankees Fan


We now have this video from Camden Yards of two O’s fans being arrested last week for assaulting a Yankees fan during an O’s-Nats game. Confusing, yes, but let’s sort this all out for you.

There was an altercation during Thursday’s game. One of the O’s fans allegedly threw beer on a guy wearing a Yankees hat. Yankees hat guy decides to climb a wall to confront one of the O’s bros. One O’s bro allegedly punches Yankees hat, who then falls off the wall and hits his head on the concrete.

Yankees hat isn’t doing so well in the hospital. It was announced last night that his condition has worsened.

Matthew Fortese, 25, of Hagerstown is in critical condition at the hospital’s Shock Trauma center, hospital spokeswoman Karen Lancaster said Tuesday morning. He was in serious condition after his fall at Thursday’s game against the Washington Nationals.

Something sounds fishy about this one. Sure, O’s fan probably punched Yankees hat, causing him to fall. Why didn’t Yankees hat go to security and ask that the O’s bros be ejected. Go to police. If Yankees fan had to climb a wall to confront the O’s fans, he obviously had time to go to stadium security.

It is now MLB policy to not ask questions when it comes to fan behavior. You say something and they’re gone.

Instead, one thing leads to another and he’s climbing a wall. Not smart at all. Of course this doesn’t excuse O’s bros for inciting a guy’s possible death. They’ll go to jail, Fortese’s life hinges on hospital support and everyone loses.

Fortese’s friends have started a site to raise donations and share his story –


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