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Erin Andrews Split Her Pants At Kings-Blackhawks Game 3 [PHOTO]

Fox Sports’ dream girl Erin Andrews is having a rough week. First, she tried to tell BC that “sucking a straw face” and “duckface” were two different things. We’ve seen enough duckface, too, but c’mon, EA — you know better than that.

Then, during Tuesday night’s Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, Andrews straight up split her pants right down the crack while watching beau Jarret Stoll and the Kings get back in the series with the Blackhawks. We’re shocked some pervy dude behind her hasn’t tried to sell us pics.

Check out the damage to her brand new, skin-tight print pants below. FWIW- we’re thinking skirt or sundress next game for EA.

[H/T: @ErinAndrews]

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