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Skunk Terrorizes Dodger Stadium Fans


What better illustrates the Dodgers season than last night a skunk terrorizing fans in the Reserve MVP seats ($22-$55 seats)? Not much. Maybe an upper deck fire like back in 2011. At 24-32, the high-priced Dodgers have been a complete mess and then a skunk shows up for an early June game.


@AngBaldwin reported:

@Dodgers stadium & there’s a skunk by our seats so we can’t sit down…

As you can see, the unlucky skunk extractors were called in. It’s unclear whether the skunk team was able to cage the wild beast. Angela eventually relocated to new seats rather than worry about her skunk infested seat.

As for the Dodgers, they actually picked up a nice 2-1 victory in Yasiel Puig’s debut. You might want to see this guy’s arm. It’s legit.

[via @LordBobbyConner]




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