Red Sox Sideline Reporter Jenny Dell Running In A Sports Bra! [VIDEO]


When we last left smokeshow NESN reporter Jenny Dell, she was dealing with a hot dog-loving Red Sox fan screwing up her live shot. As expected, Dell has recovered nicely. She recently allowed the guys at the Mass General Orthopaedics Sports Performance Center in Boston to review her form (as if they haven’t been doing that at home since she started working for NESN).

Dell had her running motion and movements captured via video recorder and the center’s sensors, which were placed all over her body. How serious was the fight over which dude got to affix those sensors to Dell? Bare knuckles or full contact? As long as they didn’t play D&D for it, we’re cool.

Looks like the center found some hitches in Dell’s gait. It’s probably pretty interesting analysis if you can stop thinking about Jenny Dell standing there in a sports bra.

[H/T: @JennyDellNESN]

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