Punk Yankees Kid Pulls Jeffrey Maier, Catches Teixeira Grand Slam In Hat [VIDEO]


If the Orioles’ fan in your life experienced a little post-traumatic stress disorder this morning, just give them some space. Another punk Yankees kid ripped open an old wound Monday night — and just like last time, the umps blew the call. At least it didn’t happen against the O’s.

During Monday night’s Yankees-Indians game at Yankee Stadium, Mark Teixeira hit a line drive that became a grand slam because some punk kid caught the ball in front of the fence in his Yankees cap — and no one protested. This MLB ump bed-shitting is getting out of hand. The incident was very similar to the 1996 ALCS, when then-punk kid Jeffery Maier pulled Derek Jeter’s fly ball into the stands, tying the game and allowing the Yankees to beat the Orioles in extra-innings.

Of course, the media is celebrating the “cool catch” made by the kid last night (nice reference, NY Post), meanwhile Orioles fans experience their own “laces-out” moment. True Orioles fans still pray for Maier to be attacked by werewolves to this day. Watch the MLB-allowed miscreant make his catch in the video above.

Bonus: The original screwing.

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