Nice Catch: Mariners’ Fan Drops Home Run Ball, Goes Face-First Into Rail [VIDEO]


Are you kidding me, Mariners’ fan? Raul Ibanez’ home run in Seattle’s Monday night win over the White Sox was all you — a can of corn for chrissakes — and not only do you miss the ball badly, you go full seizure-face, fall down the steps and smash your face into the rail. You sicken me.

How many chances do you think you’ll have to catch a home run ball in your lifetime? Guys who wear Creamsicle-colored shirts with Dad jeans don’t get a whole lot of good karma thrown their way. Step it up, dude.

Mariners won 4-2, but this guy lost his last, best chance for a happy life memory. If his son was with him at the game, guaranteed the kid is walking around today with a bag over his head like Sylvester Jr. did in Looney Tunes after his dad got owned by the baby kangaroo.

[H/T: @CadChica]

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