Miami Heat Fan Since 2010 Middle Fingers Roy Hibbert & More Screencaps!


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OK, so the NBA & BC now have the perfect scenario Finals with Miami & San Antonio playing basketball throughout June and leaving us about six weeks until the NFL heats up in July (NBA Finals schedule). Even though the NBA is shit, LeBron and the Heat are good for business so we’re all-in.

Why are the Heat good for business? You see that douche going double middle fingers? You hate him. You will f-bomb him. You will f-bomb LeBron. You will f-bomb Bosh. You add in that Spurs fans are crazy, willing to fight and get crazy drunk and you have the makings of one helluva Final.

Fan hatred is good business on the Internet.


Picture 6

Picture 8

$100 says she puts on one helluva bachelor party.

Picture 3

Suspended two days without pay intern offense.

Picture 7

Look who they ran into at the Cleveland casino.

Picture 11

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, this is how you pass time in a 6-1 blowout.

Picture 9

John Daly is doing Kia commercials? Like it, but still wouldn’t buy one of those shitty cars.


Post covers grade: B+

Digging the Douglas angle; sports cover is weak.

Picture 10

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