Mark McGwire Scouting Report: ‘Has A Soft Body’ & ‘Worth $38,000’


Mark McGwire Scouting Report LEAD

Few figures are as symbolic of Major League Baseball’s steroid era as former Oakland A’s/St. Louis Cardinals first baseman Mark McGwire. If not for the stigma of performance enhancing drugs, the well-muscled power hitter would be remembered for helping baseball mend its relationship with fans because of the 1998 home run record chase. Oddly enough, according to two 1984 scouting reports, McGwire’s body was of concern to some of the scouts who reviewed him prior to his MLB career. Obviously, he overcame the concerns with some chemical assistance.

Scouts Gordon Lakey of the Astros and Joe Stephenson of the Red Sox each noted McGwire’s pre-enhanced body in unflattering terms. Lakey noted that McGwire, then at USC and on the U.S. Olympic Team, “basically has a soft body.” Stephenson noted McGwire had a “body like Dave Kingman.”

Check out the scans of the nearly 30 year-old reports below.

Other notable info:

• “Ideal build for 1st baseman”
• “Will take large bonus — father is a dentist”
• “Might have to watch his weight”
• “Classic power stroke”
• “Worth: $38,000”
• “Could become an exciting major league power hitter”

Mark McGwire Scouting Report 1

Mark McGwire Scouting Report 2


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