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Annilie Fox Sports Girl

Fox Sports Girl of the Week Annilie says that the Miami Heat won’t have much trouble against the Spurs in the NBA Finals. While most pundits think the Finals will go to six or seven games, Annilie is ready to get her summer started with another NBA title.

“As much as I would really love a sweep, I’ll give it to Game Five,” she said (NBA Finals schedule).

You might recognize Annilie, a Miami native, from the Pitbull ‘Feel This Moment’ Heat remix. What would be her ideal night with the trophy when the Heat beats San Antonio? She says keep the 2012 tradition alive. “The Heat should go to LIV nightclub on Miami Beach.”

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Who is your favorite athlete?

Birdman! I love the intensity he plays with. He may not be the most technical player, but when he gets on the court he ignites the Heat!

Who is your athlete or celebrity crush? 

Ryan Tannehill, QB for my favorite football team, big on charity, and seems like an overall cool guy.

What is your fondest sports memory?

I always loved going to Miami Dolphins games with my dad. He’s the one responsible for making me a huge DolFAN. I also remember when the Marlins won the world series in ’97, I got to leave school early and enjoy the parade on Calle Ocho!

What sport would you play professionally if you could?

Golf. I want a green jacket! Plus, I wish my game was better.

What’s the coolest assignment you’ve worked as a Fox Sports Girl?

Definitely my trip to the US Army base in Grafenwoehr, Germany. A few fellow Fox Sports Girls and I brought spring training to the troops with some current and past (even Hall of Fame!) MLB players. I was able to see and experience what the brave soldiers do day in and day out. We got to train with them, and I even saw snow for the first time!! Who can say they played wiffle ball with Rollie Fingers and Wade Boggs?? It was a once in a lifetime experience!

I read you’re a burger fanatic. What’s on the hypothetical LeBron James burger?

Uh-oh… I’m gonna get hungry thinking about this one. Here it goes. LeBron burger would consist of a half-pound angus patty, topped with cheddar, spicy chili, and jalapenos! Gotta pack some HEAT in it!

How do you expect the series to go against the Spurs? Sweep?

As much as I would really love a sweep, I’ll give it to game five. I’ve got to give it to Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, they’ve been really on top of their game (for old guys :P).

Should D. Wade retire? It seems his knee can’t take much more punishment.

No way! Just let him rest his knee during the off season, and hopefully he’ll be back to the D. Wade we’re used to seeing.

Gregg Popovich seems to be the most grumpy coach in the NBA. What place in Miami would cheer that guy up?

PFFFFT…… MANGOS!!! Enough said.

What would be the ultimate one-night Miami party with the NBA title when the Heat beat the Spurs?

The Heat should go to LIV nightclub on Miami Beach. They went last year after defeating the Thunder in game 5, so why not keep the tradition and party for another week with Team No Sleep!?

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