Brett Favre Spotted Today Post-Leak By Disney World Paparazzi




What’s Brett Favre up to this week? Deanna drug him – again – to Disney World because they have all the time in the world to blow and Orlando seems like a lovely place to visit in early June. The Favres were just at Disney back in November. Maybe they got sucked into a timeshare.

Disney paparazzi spotted Grandpa Gunslinger this afternoon post-leak.

@aubriee13 reports:

My dads coolest, most favorite part of Disney World? Running into Brett Favre outside of the bathroom.

The guy is still loyal to Nike. Yes, that’s a Livestrong shirt.

@Splane53 reports:

I saw Brett Favre in person!! I think he sees me too lol

LOL. No word if he’s using handicapped kids to cut in ride lines. Fingers crossed.



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