Sad Greg Oden Shopping At Victoria’s Secret – Again


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Imagine if Greg Oden’s knee wasn’t a complete wreck. Imagine if Greg Oden was playing in Game 7 tonight for the Miami Heat and matching up with 7-2 Roy Hibbert. Imagine a mobile 7-foot Oden and Hibbert battling for 40 minutes with the world watching and a trip to the NBA Finals on the line.

Now imagine Greg Oden spending the Sunday before Game 7 in Columbus, Ohio shopping at the Easton Mall Victoria’s Secret.

The latter happened.

There was talk in January about Oden joining the Heat for rehab purposes, but it never happened, and the broken down former #1 NBA draft pick is stuck in Ohio posing for a photo at Victoria’s Secret with @HannahCarp_15.

This isn’t the first time Sad Greg Oden has been spotted at the lingerie store. You might remember this earlier this year when he seemed to be eyeballing the underwear.


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