No Proof Floyd Mayweather Betting $5.9 Million On Heat, RJ Bell Says


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Maybe you’ve heard the Floyd Mayweather has $5.9 million on the Heat (-7 favorites) tonight in Game 7 against the Pacers. We love a good rumor like the next guy, but it always helps to have some proof that Vegas casinos are taking that kind of pressure from the Money Team®.

So we asked Vegas sports gambling expert RJ Bell what he’s heard about the $5.9 million thing from his book friends.

Crickets. Nothing.

If anyone has heard about the $5.9 million, it would be Bell.

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He told TBL:

“I’ve been in Vegas for 15 years and I’ve talked to every major Sportsbook during that time,” RJ Bell of told me. “The biggest bet anyone has told me they’ve taken is $3 million. Without proof, I’m very skeptical about this Mayweather wager.”

The guy has, however, bet into the millions on college football. Yes, I know he hever posts his losses. Just keep the dream alive that he loses his fortune by 50.




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