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Chris Berman Was A Sweaty Mess At The Boston Strong Concert



It wouldn’t be summer if Chris Berman wasn’t sweating through a button-up shirt. According to @LeanneBergin, this is Berman at last week’s Boston Strong festival sweating like an Arab in customs (HT: this site).

This isn’t the first time Berman has been soaked on Busted. You might remember way back in 2009 when Boomer was a mess at the Jim Kelly golf tournament party where Berman was dancing with the ladies and onstage singing cover songs.

Since the Boston Strong concert was held inside the TD Garden, we’ll assume Boom was busting some moves to build this nice lather. Just a hunch that he went nuts during J. Geils Band’s “Centerfold.”

It’s estimated that the concert raised $1.5 million.



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