Alex Morgan & Sydney Leroux Celebrate U.S. Soccer Win With ‘Prancercise’ [VIDEO, PHOTOS]

If you aren’t familiar with “Prancercising,” you are probably leading a much more enriched life than most people. In summary, Prancercise is a “workout” that was “created” by Joanna Rohrback, a frighteningly agile mature woman. Rohrback’s video tutorial went viral last week, and it’s since become the latest “Harlem Shake” in a painfully slow news cycle.

The U.S. women’s national soccer team — led by the lovely Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux — got in on the Prancercise act after kicking Canada’s ass, 3-0, in an international friendly on Sunday. Watch the Vine clip below as Morgan and Leroux lead the U.S. team in an awkward post-game celebration:

Jesus Christ! We know prancing is supposed to be an odd movement, but Morgan and Leroux make Rohrback look like a ballerina. Can anyone teach the USWNT some goddamned rhythm? If they played soccer like that, we’d be screwed. Maybe Morgan and Leroux should just stick to modeling as their exit strategy after soccer. This Prancercise thing might be a one-woman show.

[H/T: @USOlympic]

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