Husky Goes On YOLO Streak At NCAA Regional Game & More Morning Screencaps!


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All is fine with this Husky. It wasn’t tased, tackled or shot with a tranquillizer gun. Old dog just wanted to get its 15 minutes of fame on ESPNU after midnight during Cal-State Fullerton’s 1-0 win over Arizona State.

[via @Jcn92]

In other sports news, how about the Miami Heat‘s effort in Game 6? Bosh 1-8; Wade 3-11; Ray Ray 2-8 (box score). So the talk radio guys across the country can talk about how suddenly this team is “old” and getting beat up by younger talent.

And then the Heat will win Game 7 and the same radio guys will start asking if this is one of the great runs in NBA history.

Picture 12

Let’s see what ‘Zo thinks of that offensive foul on LeBron.


Seriously? You are better than this, LSU fan. Don’t ruin our fascination with LSU fandome.

Picture 13

At the Braves game…

What do you even call this. It’s not a skullet because a skullet is supposed to have hair from ear to ear.

Picture 14

Getting the wave going. Who has it better than an O’s fan?

Picture 15

This guy was back for Game 1. Pittsburgh lost 3-0.

Picture 16

NY Post covers grade: B

Picture 11

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