Easily The Craziest Home Plate Minor League Juke Move I’ve Ever Seen (Durham vs. Scranton)

You know what’s crazier than this home plate incident this week between Durham shortstop Tim Beckham and Scranton catcher Jeff Farnham? Minor league teams now show games in HD and actually have TV deals.

I interned for the Toledo Mud Hens back in the day when they were still at an old shitty stadium that was once a horse racing track. Seriously, the third base stands were the grandstands for the old horse track. The place was a complete shithole, but you could take in your own six pack and enjoy baseball.

There was one luxury box. ONE. If you were a Mud Hens donor who wanted an air conditioned night at the game, you sat in this box that was like the biggest VFW dive your grandfather ever took you into. That was the Toledo Mud Hens luxury box. There were a couple TVs in the ONE luxury box that showed the game action.

There was ONE TV camera showing the game action. ONE. And ONE intern was tasked with controlling the ONE shitty TV camera for nine innings. Sorry, no replays.

15 years later, minor league baseball has advanced to having its games on TV, in HD and capable of showing that HD video on the MiLB site.

The Mud Hens now play in one of the best minor league ballparks, have fireworks every Friday night and have an in-house TV production that would rival any in Major League Baseball.

Old Mud Hens stadium still stands.

Beckham this morning on Twitter:

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