Vince Young Doing A Shot At His Birthday Party [PHOTOS-UPDATE]

And here some of you thought that Vince Young gave up booze and partying to get back to the NFL.


Let’s go to Vince’s 30th birthday party on May 18 at a residence that we assume is his since it’s super nice, has an amazing pool layout and looks to cost NFL QB money. From what we can see, this party had it all and likely cost Vince less than the $300k he allegedly once borrowed for a birthday party.

We’ll assume that buying booze at the liquor store and BBQ from an Austin meat market kept Vince in the $5k range for his staycation birthday party. And he even went with red cups! That’s the sign right there that Vince can still do shots and be sensible with his money.

Maturity. Maturation as Mike Florio, Schefter and Mortensen would call it.

It’s been a big year for this guy. He went back to UT to get his degree and even bought a class ring. VY said that his May 17 graduation was bigger than winning the national title.

Maturation process.

*Go full screen with the photos if you’re getting old and can’t read the type.

UPDATE: It now appears that VY might’ve gone one a two-week bender because this was from the Rio Rooftop, one of the finer establishments in Austin.

Corrieslife reports:

He kept trying to touch my boobs and introduced me as “baby”to his friends and fans lol

Have VY party photos that we need to know about? Birthday party photos? Let us know.

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