TNT Blurred LeBron’s Cursing Lips In Case You Can Read Lips & More Screencaps!

Someone please explain to me why TNT felt it was necessary to blur LeBron’s lips during a highlight montage from Game 5 of Pacers-Heat. This ran at around 11:25 p.m. EST. Sure, West Coast kids could’ve been forever scarred if they read LeBron’s lips and see him rip off a couple f-bombs.

As for the game, Wade might as well retire and Chris Bosh went 3-7 from the field. Yawn.

The problem for the Pacers is that David West missed like five layups and the team had 17 turnovers.

Anyway, let’s check what celebs were in the house. You might’ve seen Rachel Starr in Oil Overload 8.



Picture 3

How ESPN countered Pacers-Heat:


Tears. Tears of joy.

Picture 9

You only need one screencap from MLB.

Picture 6

Getting BJs?

Picture 8

NY Post covers grade: D

Weak effort on a Friday.

Picture 7

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