Deion Sanders Finds His $15,000 Dog That Had Been Dognapped



Two things: (1.) Who pays $15,000 for a dog? (2.) Where did Deion Sanders find that amazing circular bed? (Take a tour of Deion’s house. It’s insane.)

Prime Time took to Twitter last night to announce that his prized $15,000 dog is home and happy.

Thank u Jesus. My dog is BACK! I won’t begin to tell u how a $15,000 dog goes missing and who took it. Wow! TRUTH

Wait, there is an answer to why that dog costs $15,000.

My dog is full bred GERMAN shepherd highly trained protection dog that will attack if my kids&family r in danger. That’s why he’s expensive.

And more.

My kids and my Mama are so our dog is back I almost cried when I saw him. He is man’s best friend and the home protector for the family.

Deion claims the dog was “stolen,” but he doesn’t elaborate on who would be able to steal an attack dog who will attack.

Hmm, maybe it was Deion’s crazy estranged wife Pilar who is responsible for the dognapping. Maybe she was using the dog to blackmail Deion into paying her outstanding $6,000 Capital One credit card bill.


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