Pittsburgh’s Howlers Coyote Cafe Bans Boston Beer During Eastern Conference Finals


Are you a Penguins fan looking for a bar that won’t be serving Boston beer during the NHL Eastern Conference Finals? Howler’s Coyote Cafe on Liberty Ave. in Pittsburgh has announced that they won’t be serving Boston swill during the Penguins-Bruins series that starts on Saturday.

A Howler’s employee, who goes by @chicogoal1, wrote on Twitter about the above message:

Yeah, wrote it when I came in at 8 and some dude was drinking a Boston Lager. It’s all over the internet now.

He added to someone thanking him for the thoughtful idea:

much obliged. Pens in 6! F**k Boston, and Sam Adams!

And there you have it, the perfect storm for the Internet. One guy at a tiny Pittsburgh bar posts the ultimate bulletin board material and it will now become a story on just about every media outlet across the country.

The fun is just beginning on the Howler’s Facebook page where they’re up to 149 shares.