Of Course Craig Sager Spent His Pacers-Heat Off Day At Hooters


If you think Craig Sager was bullshitting about visiting 250 Hooters around the world, you haven’t been paying attention. Here is Sages on Wednesday at a Miami Hooters (probably the one he was at last week in his work suit) telling @h_shenanigans that there are “no suits on days off.”

We’re still not sure what the allure of Hooters is to Sager besides big racks and the wings, but this guy is loyal. You won’t see him taking a night off and going to Buffalo Wild Wings.

As for his appreciation for a hot chick, let’s just remember that Sages has a super hot wife who used to be a Chicago Bulls dancer. Here she is.

Have you spotted Sager at Hooters grabbing a waitresses ass? Have a Sager at Hooters story to share? Pass it along.