Miss Tennessee Agrees To Date With Grizzlies Quincy Pondexter [PHOTOS]


Chandler-Lawson LEAD
Memphis Grizzlies player Quincy Pondexter was just hanging out on Twitter on Wednesday night when he mentioned he’d be needing a girlfriend (you know, considering the Grizz just got their ass swept out of the NBA playoffs). Pondexter went as far up the ladder as you can go in the Volunteer State — he asked for Miss Tennessee:

For those who can’t Google it, Miss Tennessee is Chandler Lawson. The Tullahoma, Tenn. blonde — who looks great in a bikini — finished in the top 10 of the Miss America balloting in 2013. Lawson responded to Pondexter with Southern aplomb, and this Tennessee super couple blossomed in front of our eyes.

This is how easy it is for a pro athlete these days (ask Matt Harvey). Even if Chandler Lawson wasn’t single, she damn well knew enough to be single on Twitter last night. Done deal.

[Photos: Facebook.com/MissTennessee2012 and Twitter.com/MissTN2012]

[H/T: @QuincyPondexter]

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