Little Johnny Manziel In A Longhorns Basketball Jersey

Johnny Manziel Basketball Photo

$100 says Johnny Manziel used to rip #23 when fatty couldn’t handle the Johnny Football fast break no-look pass.

So what kind of basketball player was Manziel? He told Eddie George earlier this year that he’s a “360 guy.” Yes, he’s talking a 360-dunk for a six-foot white guy. He also claims to have a windmill jam.

As for the Longhorns basketball jersey, the legend is that UT barely recruited Manziel to play defensive back.

“I actually called them and expressed interest to them and let them know just how much I wanted to be a part of that program,” Manziel said. “It really didn’t work out and everything happens for a reason in my eyes and that door didn’t open for me for a reason.”

So many stories.

Back to basketball.

This is allegedly Manziel dunking. Video proof of Scooby windmilling, let alone going 360, on a regulation hoop has yet to surface. We’re waiting.

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