LeBron’s Bar Bill Taxes Higher Than His $5k NBA Flopping Fine


I’ll guarantee you that 400 radio guys across the country will use this nugget.

LeBron James once spent more in taxes on a club bar bill than he will spend on his flopping fine for his Game 4 acting performance against the Pacers.

All credit for that nugget goes to the great @ScottJohnson48. If you’re not following him, shame on you.

The bar tab you see above is from BroBible’s 2011 report one of LeBron’s Vegas vacations where the King went nuts at Encore. It speaks for itself. Yes, $9 Bud Lights at the club. We’ve seen it multiple times on these athlete bar tabs. There’s always some guy who doesn’t get out much and has cheap tastes.

As for the flopping fine that was announced today, the NBA brought down the hammer on LBJ. And you wonder why NBA guys haven’t stopped flopping.

Here’s the flop: