Cubs Position Giant Fake Scoreboard At Wrigley Field



If you have a lifetime membership to a Wrigley Field rooftop, you might want to sell it off to some unsuspecting schmuck before the Cubs install a giant scoreboard on Waveland.

Don’t laugh if your membership is on the Sheffield side. The Cubs, yesterday, also tested signage in right field for what could be a new money-making opportunity for Tom Ricketts, the Cubs owner.

And Ricketts, who paid $845 million for the Cubs in 2009, watched on Tuesday – from a rooftop – as cranes positioned the hypothetical new scoreboard.

According to the Telegraph-Herald:

(Ricketts) said afterward the view was “what we expected” and the blockage to the rooftop clubs was “minimal.”

The Cubs used cranes to hoist two large tarps where the video board would be on Waveland Avenue behind the Toyota sign and a large quadrangular sign that would be in the back of the right-field bleachers.

It appears that two rooftop operations would be blocked by the scoreboard.

[via @willbyington]

Right field:

Picture 8

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