Brett Favre Now YOLO Boarding When He’s Not Cutting The Grass



Just when you think Brett Favre couldn’t get any more YOLO than sending dong photos to Jenn Sterger, the Gunslinger is now a proud owner of a YOLO Board and has “joined the team.” That’s the word this week from the board company, which sells the stand up paddleboards and the YOLO lifestyle.

According to YOLO:

Brett Favre recently hopped on his new YOLO Board with his dog, for their first adventure on a paddleboard.  We are so excited to have this Superbowl MVP join our growing YOLO Board Celebrity family.  Other athletes that use YOLO stand up paddleboards as another training tool are Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and Clay Matthews.



Brett’s dog seems more excited than he does. Of course this is the camo version. This one is actually on sale right now for $1,185. The bad part – it’s sold out. Someone please explain to me why you’d use this rather than a boat.

I guess the answer is YOLO.



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