AJ McCarron Shows Off Mobile Tattoo At Tuscaloosa Pool [PHOTOS]

Not to be all gay, but I’ve been secretly waiting for AJ McCarron to get shirtless and show off the new tattoos he had inked shortly after winning the 2013 BCS. Specifically, I was waiting to see the ink of the Mobile (his hometown) skyline, because it’s one of the strangest tattoo ideas we could think of.

And it happened on Monday at some Memorial Day pool party. McCarron got shirtless and took photos with some of Alabama‘s finest.

There was the tattoo.

We’re not talking about a guy getting his dog tatted on his left shoulder. Or a tattoo of his jersey number. Or a tattoo of God.

It’s the Mobile, Alabama skyline.

We think that skyscraper you’re seeing near the pit is the 35-story RSA Battle House Tower, the state’s tallest building and houses the Retirement Systems of Alabama.

Bonus pool party photo:

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