Rick Pitino Is On A Vegas Craps & Blackjack Bender



From what we can tell from boots on the ground, Rick Pitino has been on a Vegas craps and blackjack bender since last Friday. BC researchers tell us he was still playing craps as of 2:48 this morning. Is there a coach living better than Pitino right now?

@NI_DUBLZ_OH reported this morning:

On these crap tables with Rick Pitino, he out here bossin in Vegas.

Translation: Rick Pitino couldn’t be happier with life. That crazy broad he impregnated (who had an abortion paid for Rick) is in jail, he just won a national title for Louisville, his horse has had a big year and he has the state of Kentucky by the nuts.

Of course Kentucky fan will object and be wrong.

Anyway, Rick has been pounding the blackjack tables and spending his late nights throwing the bones. He was even spotted at the UFC 160 event.

Did you throw the bones with Pitino in Vegas this weekend? Have a story to share?




And he even had dinner with Peyton Siva and the boys.


[HT: @TwoStephen]

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