NASCAR Chick Smacks The Shit Out Of Her Boyfriend For Throwing Beer At Jimmie Johnson


I say boyfriend in the headline for two reasons: (1.) They look to be 18 (Yes, he could’ve knocked her up at 16, but the odds Junior would take his baby mamma to a NASCAR race are slim), and (2.) She runs off without his drunk ass.

Us married men know that if we were at the NASCAR All-Star Race and couple weeks ago,and you threw a beer at Jimmie Johnson, your wife would haul your ass up those steps by the skin of your neck and straight to the Chrysler minivan.

I also want to note that this might be the very first HD video from a redneck NASCAR event to ever be published on BC. That’s a huge sign for tech companies. Sure, you know a fight at Yankee Stadium will be in HD. The real advancement comes when some NASCAR broad bitch slaps her redneck boyfriend.