How Am I Just Seeing This Photo Of Jon Gruden Wearing Short Shorts To A Hair Salon?



How this April photo of Jon Gruden wearing short shorts while waiting to get his hair cut at a Tampa salon never went nuts on the Internet is beyond comprehension.

We’re talking about the heart of the NFL offseason when any little nugget of football-related goodness, and here’s Gruden rocking the 1980s porn workout scene shorts while checking tweets from Tirico.

Shame on BC and the Internet on this one.

We’re talking about a guy who made headlines on Monday Night Football for bulging out of his tailored pants


… wearing short shorts to get a haircut. This is why the Internet was created.

UPDATE: BC reader @larsarz333 points out that looks like a FFCA – Fired Football Coaches Association – shirt that Gruden is known to wear from time to time.

One version of the shirt.



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