Darren Rovell’s Doppelgänger Booted From The Bachelorette & More Morning Screencaps!


morning twitpics

How about this guy, Darren Rovell’s Doppelgänger, who was looking for love last night on the season premiere of The Bachelorette. The bad news for this guy – forget his name & it really doesn’t matter – is that this magician didn’t get a rose and that means he’s finished on the show.

That’s too bad, because this guy could’ve had one helluva run on Twitter just based on his uncanny resemblance to ESPN’s pop culture/sports/foodie/tattoo/Twitter statistician.

In other news, the Spurs swept the lowly Grizzlies with a 93-86 victory. Game 1 of the NBA Finals is scheduled for Thursday, June 6. You do the math.


Looks like the Pacers shouldn’t even show up for Game 4 or 5.


No rose, Rovell bro.


Clint Hurdle thought Inge was taking him to a Jimmy Buffett show in Windsor.


Don Cherry’s Memorial Day attire. Classy.


Spot the fail.


Finally, a great use of those stupid big heads.

Picture 8

Meet David Price’s girlfriend.

Picture 3

NY Post cover grade: B+

Getting photos of a fat dude sleeping on the job is superb, but thought the headline writers could’ve gone all-in on the Rutgers AD.

Picture 6

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