Michael J. Fox Trolling NHL Teams, Eating Their Cupcakes Upon Elimination [PHOTOS]

Michael J. Fox is a big Boston Bruins fan. The actor was shipped one of NBC’s special orders of NHL cupcakes from Crumb’s in New York City at the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs (probably because he’s a big hockey fan, and Fox’s new sitcom “The Michael J. Fox Show” will debut on NBC in the fall). Each of the 16 teams who qualified for the NHL postseason was represented by a cupcake.

Since the start of the Stanley Cup playoffs, every time an NHL team has been eliminated, Fox has posted a picture of their cupcake — presumably then eaten by him — and a clever phrase.

Holy shit! Alex P. Keaton has turned serial killer, and he’s murdering NHL cupcakes! His latest “victim” was, perhaps, the sweetest (sorry) for him: the New York Rangers’ cupcake.

Next up for Fox, maybe the Blackhawks on Monday night or the Sharks or Kings on Tuesday. We assume Fox either froze the cupcakes or he photographed them all in advance, because the playoffs started April 30 and ewww.

See the rest of Fox’s tasty victims in the gallery below:

[H/T: @realmikefox ]

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